How Do We Work And Teach?

More than 35 years of experience accredits us in all English teaching fields!

Programs inspired to create skills
and improve your company's business

We incentivate excellence in our students and their personal and professional development

We combine practical modern methodologies focused in real situations and scenarios.

We take into account time and space needs

We provide all the assistance so that your collaborators learn at their pace, with the same rigor and commitment as in a classroom setting.

We are at the vanguard in the latest language teaching theories and trends and the current training tools

As the world changes, as well as the different ways to teach. Bicultural is at the forefront in this area thus providing a better learning experience.

We work in coordination with your Human Resources team

We help companies in designing language learning programs according to the company's needs and objectives.

We make sure we achieve the best teaching plan for your company and your collaborators.

We advise in training policies, best practices, objectives, budgets, reimbursement systems and teaching methods.

Your company will benefit

Continuous improvement

We carry out quality control and follow up to always offer a better learning experience.

Monthly reports

We inform your Human Resource team on a regular basis on the progress of the students.

Plans in cases of drop outs eliminate

We motivate your collaborators so that they feel comfortable in their learning process.

Also your collaborators

Fluency and comprehension

Practical methods that accelerate learning, focused on real situations.

Flexibility and immersion

Different programs adapted to your needs.

Team work

We encourage solidarity and empathy among your collaborators.

Ready to begin?

Contact us and we will provide free advice and non-biding about our language services.

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