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Our course catalog

English Courses for companies according to the specific needs of each company where the standards established by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages - CEFR are followed.

As a methodology, we offer a communicative framework that integrates oral fluency, listening comprehension, grammatical structures, writing and reading so that the students are able to express themselves naturally and spontaneously in a clear, coherent, efficient and professional manner.

Our professors are communication facilitators that stimulate and motivate in the correct use of the language in real and everyday situations.

Starting English Courses

General English

Inglés general

Business English

The student is given the necessary English tools so that he/she may adequately communicate with native and non-native English speakers.

The course starts at the most basic level and progressively reaches the conversational level where the student can interact fluently with English speakers.

It is designed for persons who wish to improve their level of English in everyday conversation situations.

It is focused on subjects related to normal everyday affairs, family, food, restaurants, travel, tourism, health, education, shopping, etc.

Inglés para negocios

It combines the communicative approach with a great number of business situations to provide the student with the fluency needed to communicate in English in day to day work situations.

We use case studies that present real profiles of business organizations.

The student will be able to communicate in current everyday and business language such a speaking about recent business news, actively participate in company meetings and conference calls, etc.

English Programs to advance

Specialized courses

Successful Meetings

– How to organize a meeting.

– Presenting talking points – Orderly interventions.

– Discuss and uphold one’s points of view.

– Time management.

– Summarize  the results of the meeting.

– End the meeting and thank the participants.

Effective Presentations 

– Welcome the audience.

– Present and introduce the subject.

– Body language.

– Describe the graphs and charts.

-Interpret the images.

– Present the conclusions.

– Oversee the question and answer sesión.

Additional courses

• English for socializing.

• Telephone English.

• English for e-mails.

• Travel English.

• English for human resources.

• English for international business.

• English for customer service.

• English for accountants.

Reinforcement English Programs

Intensive Programs /Conversation Clubs

Daily, weekly and biweekly modules.

Conversation Clubs using forum management, role plays, videos, debates, etc.

Practical and quick learning of the language. For those, due to work reasons, who need a special and intensive schedule.

Preparation for presentations or training abroad.

Executives who receive daily training and wish to consolidate and improve quickly their language performance.

Said classes may be taken at your work facilities or at any place specified by the company.

Virtual English Courses

Virtual Classes

Web Technologies that provide the student with a straightforward and effective method to learn English

All you need is a computer, internet access and you set up your own schedule of classes. An interactive Online system that offers the effectiveness of in-person classes, flexible schedule and it avoids displacement.   

Live classes to any place in the world.  Visual and listening interaction with the teacher and other students.

Conversation and Chat System to participate and intervene actively in class.

Telephone Classes /Videoconferences

These are practice and improvement English sessions between the student and the teacher by means of a telephone or videoconference communication. Conversations in English via telephone or videoconference improve fluency and listening comprehension.  

Flexible system to cell phone, land line, live video and in the place and time the students selects. Telephone classes are 20 minutes in duration.

The content of the class is previously agreed upon when the student reserves. It may be used for a special course or as a support to a program that is being taken.


We apply E-learning to executives and professionals that, due to the characteristics of their position and responsibilities, require autonomy in their schedules, since they cannot comply to the timetables a group class demands.

Blended System - Virtual & Classroom based

A perfect combination between virtual study and classroom based classes, including conversation and interaction with the teacher.  

Provides excellent results by having the best of both systems.

It is addressed to those that, due to their position, have to constantly travel (Project Managers, Regional Managers, Supervisors, etc.) or for those managers that require flexible Online schedules supplemented  by classroom based and telephone classes.

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