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Improve the English level of your company, its managers, professionals and employees, to compete in an increasingly demanding global market.

Bicultural - Inglés para empresas, ejecutivos y sus equipos.

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We offer several English programs and courses that meet to current business needs

A company that is committed to develop its executives and professionals through English training is a winning organization.

However, options, facilities and certainties are needed when it comes to such an important investment.

That is why we have a broad and diverse portfolio of services that adapts to the schedules, teams and levels of executives and professionals of the organization.

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General English

Daily situations and frequent and colloquial use
  • It focuses on issues of personal life, travel situations, tourism, health, education, shopping and general culture
  • Tools to communicate in an English-speaking country
  • From the most basic level to a level of conversation with English speakers

Business English

Business, professional and work scenarios
  • Focuses on communication skills in the everyday language of business
  • Teaching topics based on case studies
  • It includes training in open subjects related to everyday life situations

To Advance

Specialized courses

Prepare for specific scenarios
  • Successful meetings
  • Effective presentations
  • Social English
  • Telephoning English
  • E-mail English
  • Travel English
  • Human Resources English
  • International Business English
  • Customer Service English
  • Accounting English

To Reinforce

Intensive Courses

Practical and quick language learning for those who require special intensity
  • For executives or professionals who are taking courses but need reinforcement
  • Preparation for exams or training abroad
  • Conversation Clubs

Making it easier for everyone to learn!

All of our programs and courses have flexible options of schedules, platforms, virtual and in-person media.

With these options, your executives and professionals can attend class from anywhere in the world.

Blended system - Virtual & Classroom based

Perfect combination between virtual classes and classroom based classes.


Virtual or online classes

Live classes from anywhere in the world providing the same results and affectivity as classroom based classes.



A learning online system for executives and professionals in which they can choose their own schedules.


Telephone English

English Telephone conversations with the purpose of improving oral fluency, listening comprehension and acquiring new vocabulary.


Conversation Clubs

Conversation sessions without having to take a specific course. Prior to the class, the teacher presents a talking point with the vocabulary related to the subject in a dynamic communicative interaction.

How do we approach teaching?

What people say about us

Not only are we satisfied with the English training provided by Bicultural, but also with the management of the program. Bicultural offers a class substitution system through their online platform, so that the students may recuperate classes they might have missed due to business trips or vacations. Furthermore, it relies on excellent teachers and a well organized structure that delivers a successful support to the Program.
Maria Alejandra Torres
West Latam HR Analyst Louis Dreyfus Company. Noviembre 2018
Bicultural´s system and methodology is effective. The teachers are highly qualified, are dedicated and have the objective that I advance in my English level. I see my progress on a daily basis when I interact with my colleagues from foreign countries.
Edwin Rojas
BPA CVM Andean Cluster Novartis. Noviembre 2018

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